Friday, January 24, 2014

And so it begins...

Well, here we go. Thanks to a lovely young woman named Emily (wise beyond her years, and someone I feel honored to know), I have committed to doing 101 "things" in 1001 days. Some of these things, sort of an extended New Year's Resolution/Bucket List, may seem ordinary and mundane to some people, and certainly aren't quite as adventurous as much of Emily's list (she doesn't have 3 kids!)- but I am excited to get started, and to share the adventure via this blog (while simultaneously meeting one of my goals!). I've dabbled in blogging before, and always wanted to be committed to it- to feed my love of words and writing- but I always end up falling off the wagon. I've never really felt I had anything interesting enough happen to me to follow through on for an extended period of time. I hope this is different. I hope this spurs me on to actually finish a 'to do' list, and to achieve some of my goals that have been floating around my head for a while- and I hope it makes for some great stories along the way. So, without further ado, here is my list, and if you'd like to check out Emily's list and my inspiration for this adventure, visit her at:

101Things in 1001 Days
Start date: January 24, 2014
End date:  October 27, 2016

  1. Inspire someone else to write a 100 in 1001 days list
  2. Learn to make my own chicken stock
  3. Drink a caipirinha
  4. Complete a 30-day push-up challenge
  5. Take Randy to a Red Wings game 10/14
  6. Read the Bible (the whole thing)
  7. Make compost
  8. Upcycle a wood pallet
  9. Take a yoga class
  10. Finish my Bradley exam
  11. Go ice climbing
  12. Take a ceramics class
  13. Become a LLL leader
  14. Complete a home improvement project all on my own
  15. Learn to sew
  16. Visit at least 1 country I’ve never been to before
  17. Join a CSA spring 2014
  18. Raise an animal for meat
  19. Sell something I’ve made on
  20. Transition to eating gluten-free
  21. Complete a triathlon
  22. Snowshoe at Hidden Lake Gardens
  23. Attend a baby’s birth
  24. Make a pair of mittens from an old sweater
  25. Make crème Brule- June 2014
  26. Take my kids sledding for the first time, ever- winter 2014
  27. Go on a family camping trip
  28. Make homemade ice cream
  29. Donate blood
  30. Nominate someone for an award
  31. Visit a state I’ve never been to before
  32. Pay cash for a car
  33. Frame and (finally) hang pictures of my kids and family
  34. Sell my house and buy a new one- Spring/Summer 2014
  35. Bike the Kiwanis trail
  36. Teach my kids basic German
  37. Buy something old and refinish it for my house
  38. Get on the bone marrow registry
  39. Drink tea at an authentic tea house
  40. Host an adults-only dinner party
  41. Celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in style
  42. Make soap
  43. Build a rain barrel
  44. Ride the train to Chicago
  45. Take my kids to Greenfield Village
  46. Upcycle an old t-shirt
  47. Cook a raw artichoke
  48. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame
  49. Visit at least 1 of my PAX students in their hometown
  50. Go to an art fair
  51. Tour a brewery
  52. Read 20 new books (1/20)
  53. Go curling
  54. Upgrade to a smart phone (and learn how to use it!)
  55. Take a belly dancing class
  56. Get a facial
  57. Go on a picnic
  58. Try 30 new recipes (0/30)
  59. Eat at 5 new restaurants (1/5)
  60. Run 20 miles in one month
  61. Establish a weekly family game night
  62. Go to Las Vegas
  63. Visit an old friend who lives far away
  64. Eat 5 things for the first time (0/5)
  65. Buy a king-size bed- summer 2014
  66. Facilitate a meeting between Wyatt and Dr. Pol (From the TV series, The Amazing Dr. Pol)
  67. Hear Kaethe tell me she loves me
  68. Go kayaking- summer 2014
  69. Make at least 1 gift for each of my kids and husband for Christmas
  70. Complete 25 random acts of kindness (1/25)
  71. Teach Gretchen to ride a two-wheeler
  72. Make my own laundry detergent
  73. Plant a garden
  74. Help my kids choose a pet to adopt
  75. Send my mom flowers ‘just because’
  76. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
  77. Invite someone to church
  78. Organize (and purge) my files
  79. Establish monthly date night (1/30)
  80. Build a sand castle with my kids
  81. Rake leaves
  82. Do something unexpected and special for each of my siblings (0/5)
  83. Thank a woman for breastfeeding in public
  84. Light sky lanterns
  85. Clean my oven
  86. Buy a piece of jewelry from a pawn shop
  87. Make my kids’ Halloween costumes
  88. Ride in a hot air balloon
  89. Write my will
  90. Buy a great pair of boots
  91. Start meal planning
  92. Mow the lawn- summer 2014
  93. Watch a sunrise
  94. Invest in a nice DLSR camera- winter 2014
  95. Climb Sleeping Bear Dunes
  96. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
  97. Fly a kite with my kids
  98. Drink a cup of black coffee
  99. Put $10 into savings for each goal accomplished
  100. Start a blog to document my 1001 day journey
  101. Write a new 101 in 1001 days list

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  1. This almost made me cry! I am so happy that you started a 101 list and incredibly honored to have helped inspire you - I cannot wait to follow along. (and thank you for helping me check off one of my list items!)